The Parallel

05 Nov 2015
18:00 - 18:30
A / B

Have you ever wondered what happens to the posts that no one ever sees? Have you ever had the feeling that there is another mysterious parallel timeline, that is full of carefully crafted content marketing strategies and ideas, ideas that fall through the holes of Facebook’s reach and are never seen by the eyes of humans? What if they are seen by the eyes of personal shopping algorithms – tiny Facebook programmes that are licensed to go shopping on our behalf and programmes that we are forced to market too. What could possibly go wrong there?

In this talk, Marcus John Henry Brown explorers the lunacy of content marketing strategies, the tragedies of lost posts and the horror of storytelling that no one except shopping bots ever see. Part satire, part dystopia, part “how to guide” –  “The Parallel” is more of a show than a keynote and Marcus has written it exclusively for the AllFacebook conference.