Take your tracking to the next level with the power of Google Tag Manager

02 Sep 2020
11:20 - 11:50
Saal 14c
Rahul Agarwal, Trenkwalder Group

As we all know, a classical user journey has become more fragmented as never before.

As marketers, we know the importance of tracking different KPI’s. However, with the recent changes in the digital landscape it becomes challenging to make sure that we are conform with the tracking norms (GDPR, user data tracking & storage etc.)

With increasing devices and platforms, the touchpoints users have with our websites and/or apps have tremendously increased and so has the complexity in tracking.

Talking about the major platforms that we currently use to advertise (may it be on Google or Facebook) classic “out-of -the-box” tracking codes/ conversion pixels given by these platforms provide only an incomplete picture. They need further optimization to account for the changing user demographics and complexity in order to optimize the campaigns and get most of the money spent.

This talk will include:

  • How to set up your tracking in GDPR conform way
  • How can you optimize the pixel code to make sure you track only higher quality “audience” on your digital assets (as a result, better re-targeting audience à Better ROI)
  • How can you put the DataLayer at use to know more about your audience, track additional elements that an out-of-the-box system doesn’t provide.
  • Why do you need enhanced e-commerce tracking for your website and how can you set it up even if you are selling services online (Case study of Trenkwalder)