How-To: Facebook Dynamic Ads for your online shop – EN

30 Sep 2019
12:05 - 12:40
Rahul Agarwal, Trenkwalder Group
ACHTUNG: Dieser Talk findet auf englisch statt! Dieser Talk setzt Wissen zum Google Tag Manager und Facebook Pixel vorraus.

Facebook is a very important platform for business (regardless of their size). As organic reach is non-existing, businesses have to rely in ads on the platform. However, the classic Facebook ads don’t work as they used to because more and more businesses have started to advertize. Facebook Dynamic ads are an intelligent and an advance ad-format that you can use to increase efficiency and reduce costs. It provides us with an option to reach the audience who have shows interest in our product/services. The best part is it’s all done dynamically via Facebook pixel and Facebook’s catalog.

We at Trenkwalder sell services (we offer jobs to candidates). Even though it’s a service, we consider our jobs as products and Facebook dynamic ads have helped up reduce our cost per application by 300% Facebook creates an audience (for re-targeting) people who are a part of the funnel (saw the product, put it in the card, but didn’t purchase) as well as allow you to dynamically create the creatives (ads) based on the product or the service you offer.

The talk will include step by step implementation of Facebook Dynamic Ads covering the following sub-topics:

  1. Facebook Pixel (definition of custom events on the based on the different steps of the funnel ) via. Google Tag Manager
  2. Creation of Facebook Catalog (Exemplary structure of the XML and all the optional and mandatory fields to be defined to get maximum results)
  3. Definition of Product sets (based on the XML defined)
  4. Introduction to an exemplary Catalog Sales campaign
  5. Best Practices and used cases