Disrupt to succeed

08 Okt 2018
11:55 - 12:20
Saal C

Technology has not just transformed consumer behavior but also disrupted business and actually has developed new ones.

By actively shaping the future, Facebook wants to bring the world closer together and helps agencies and advertisers to find their place in this new and connected world. How can your company escape the entrenched Status Quo? It needs to disrupt for growing its business. Breaking boundaries for discovering new markets, creating new solutions to old problems and therefore redefine how your company should act. By thinking one step ahead, it can execute better than everyone else in its market. Facebook provides utility at every stage and gives companies the ability to pressure test their ideas, turn them into a concrete execution plan and achieve one essential thing: Not simply serve an existing market, but creating a new one.

This talk will highlight key principles disruptors focus on and shares learnings mobile optimization, integrating automated processes and creative considerations for building a mobile first consumption and as well as upcoming trends like messaging, video and stories.